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Twin Engine Corporate Aircraft 

The Hawker 800 is a twin-engine mid-size business jet derived from the UK-built British Aerospace 125. This aircraft is highly rugged, making it perfect for landing on grass and gravel runways.  

The Hawker 800 is known for delivering some of the best-in-class performance and is considered to be a corporate jet with few compromises. Its versatility has also made it a popular choice for military use, with the USAF, JASDF, and ROK utilising it for tactical aerial reconnaissance, surveillance, and SIGINT.  

The Hawker 800 is primarily used for R&D within the EW cluster, with a focus on Radar, ESM, and Communication Systems. The aircraft will also be expanding its services to the space sector to drive exploration and discovery. The main benefit of this aircraft is that these systems can be monitored and operated in real time while on board, making it indispensable. 




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