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Zephyr Aerospace 

India's First Private Flight-Test Service Provider  

Founded in 1997, Zephyr Aerospace is India's first private flight-test service provider. Operated by a team of highly specialised individuals in the aerospace sector, Zephyr has three test beds that run tests for multiple Ministry of Defence, Defence Research and Development Organisations (DRDO), and Government of India projects. The company has been awarded the Creative Partnership Award by DRDO twice, cementing them as an integral part of the Defence & Strategic sector of the Make in India initiative.


Our fleet includes:   

  • Self-Built Long-EZ  Aircraft 

  • Hawker 800 – Twin Engine Corporate Aircraft    

  • Aero Vodochody L-39 – High-Performance Jet Trainer  

Known for its niche expertise, Zephyr offers customised flight evaluations and aviation support services through various testing of payloads and subsystems before, during, and after implementation. With a thorough regard for safety and aerospace testing standards, Zephyr creates bespoke solutions for all testing needs.   

Advantage | Varied Fleet For Any Mission:   

The varied aircraft fleet gives the company a distinctive and unique advantage to cater to a wide array of solutions for any customer requirement. The company prides itself on providing cost-effective, timely, and on-budget solutions and deliverables.    

Expertise | Make The Impossible, Possible:   

With over 1000 hours of experience, Zephyr provides Safety, Efficiency, Reliability, Versatility, Integrity, Communications, and Excellence at every altitude. Zephyr specialises in flight-testing payloads for various airborne and space applications to ensure that systems and subsystems are safe, reliable, and meet the necessary performance requirements for mission success and certification.  

Mission | The Highest Safety Standards:   

Zephyr upholds the highest aerospace standards, ensuring the safety of operations. Zephyr is committed to the Make in India initiative to support the development of the aerospace sector in India, encouraging indigenous design and production of aircraft. Zephyr is set on expanding its services to the space sector, helping push the boundaries of exploration and discovery.  

For more information about the company, aircraft, and services, please contact us over email at or share your details with us here

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